Patient Financial

Outstanding results by putting the patient first.


Our approach to Patient Financial Responsibility is to put the patient and the patient experience first. Sharing the right information with care and understanding, results in bills being paid.  Putting the patient first also means improved satisfaction and minimizing disruptive complaints. Ultimately, it increases hospital loyalty and the likelihood of future revenue should the patient need further care.

For patient follow-up, we leverage our Predictive Outcome Analytics which uses historical information from previous guarantor interactions to allow us to resolve accounts more quickly and efficiently. With a detailed understanding of the approach that has worked in past interactions, we can take an intelligent approach to future follow-up efforts.

Core Benefits

  • Improve customer service levels with a focus on excellent patient experiences
  • Improve cash recovery rates and lower your A/R days
  • Lower the cost to collect and improve patient satisfaction
  • Increased speed in A/R resolution through systematic rebills, accelerated payments and presumptive charity identification
  • Improve cash flow speed to support your bond rating, secure financing and maintain current operations
  • Reduce bad debt write-offs
  • Rigorous Quality Assurance program ensures customer service and process standards are consistently met
  • Compliance program that is proactive and committed to continuous improvement

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

— Douglas Adams

How We Work


Acclara has a flexible approach to interacting with patients within our comprehensive Patient Financial Responsibility EBO model. We can perform statement processing ourselves or directly through our clients’ host systems with flexibility in the timing and number of statements patients receive.

Our customer service lines are diligently staffed, monitored, and checked for quality assurance using high tech call management systems to ensure quick speed to answer, the lowest possible abandonment rates, and helpful and friendly service to all patients. We also provide well timed, deliberate outbound calling to support our patient first philosophy. All of our efforts are aimed at achieving swift account resolution regardless of the method – payment, pay plan, charity, bad debt, etc.



Our advantages include:

  • Comprehensive workflow and call management systems
  • Redundant bunker cloud-based network
  • Scoring, scrubbing, eligibility and scanning tools for an intelligent approach
  • Predictive Outcome Analytics to optimize work flows streamlining efforts including possible Charity and Bad Debt based on previous guarantor results
  • Business Intelligence tools integrating Acclara dashboards and metrics into your operations



The key to success begins and ends with patient satisfaction. Our outstanding internal culture translates to fast, friendly service and an outstanding patient experience. Each of our clients has a dedicated account team they know and can rely on, and we work hard to earn the trust that comes with being an extension of their billing operations.


Compliance and Security

HIPPA Compliant

SOC 2 Type II Audit Date: Dec. 2017 to Nov. 2018
SOC 1 Type II Audit Date: Dec. 2017 to Nov. 2018
Full Reports Available Upon Request

pci DSS Certified

PCI Data Security Standard Version 3.2
Certification Date: Dec. 2018
Certification Documents Available Upon Request